Stuart Horse Trials 2012

This summer I made the trip across town to Victor, NY to photograph the Stuart Horse Trials on a hot Saturday morning. The event schedule was actually moved up because of the heat expected that day. Despite my camera acting up, I got a lot of neat photos and saw a lot of beautiful horses. As always, here are a few photographs in the blog, and there are more in my flickr gallery.

horse jumping
Jumping into the hazard.

cross country horses
Spotted horse in the water hazard.

horse water hazard
Into the water hazard.

horse water
Across the water hazard.

horse racing
Coming Right At You

splash zone
The splash zone!

There are, of course, additional photos of many of the competitors in my flickr gallery of the 2012 Stuart Horse Trials.

Stuart Horse Trials 2010

After the Air Show in Geneseo I decided to spend the next Saturday morning at the Stuart Horse Trials in Victor. The 4 day event featured the dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping events. I know next to nothing about horse trials, but I knew I wanted to see the cross country portion of it. It was pretty fun. I arrived during a break, so I got to walk the course a little and decide where to shoot from. Learned a little about the event from some course volunteers too. I stayed from the morning into the early afternoon and got a lot of neat shots. The course was wide open, and you can walk anywhere you want, just stay out of the way of the horses. There are a lot of photos I took in my flickr gallery, and a few here too.

stuart horse trials
Douglas Payne Water Hazard

stuart horse trials
Blair King Water Hazard

stuart horse trials
Eliza Farren Water Hazard

stuart horse trials
Kelly Sult cornering

Many more images of many more horses and riders are available in my flickr gallery.