• Frozen Frontier 2013

    Friday and Saturday we went to Frontier field to watch the outdoor hockey games. This year they set up an outdoor rink at the baseball stadium in downtown Rochester. We bought tickets to the Friday night AHL Amerks game, and the Saturday night RIT Hockey game. With the tickets bought back in October, we had no idea what to expect weather wise in December. We were fortunate to have a cold snow weekend that Tracy and I were both hoping for.

    Friday night’s game of the Amerks vs. Lake Erie was great. It was 18 degrees out, and we saw a great game. Lake Erie tied the game up at 4-4 with 0.1 seconds left to go. Then after 5 minutes of overtime it was still tied, so on to a 5 round shootout. Lake Erie took a 2-0 lead after three rounds of the shootout meaning Rochester had to score the next 2 goals without letting any in. They did, and won the game on the 6th round of the shootout, then we even got fireworks! The attendance was 11,000+, and we actually ran into a few friends we knew from playing hockey. It was really cold, and I decided to add more layers for the game Saturday.

    Saturday’s game was even more fun. At 16 degrees and in the middle of a snow storm, there was much excitement. Announced attendance was 4,000+, and we were treated to a downright snow bowl. It was snowing so hard the Zamboni could not lay down new ice and was left to try and collect snow off the ice between periods. There were extended commercial timeouts during the game while an army of skaters with shovels tried to keep the ice clear. The game itself was slowed by the snow on the ice. Players were taking shots and sending out poofs of snow. I wore three layers of socks, pants, and fleece, while Tracy went for 8 layers. It was quite cold, and you needed to walk around during the intermissions to keep blood flowing in your toes.

    Here are a few photos from Fridays game, and some cell phone shots from Sunday…

    outdoor hockey

    Frozen Frontier

    baseball stadium hockey

    Frontier Field

    outdoor hockey

    Outdoor Hockey

    RIT Hockey

    RIT Hockey

    cold snow

    2 cold cats

    outdoor hockey

    handshake line

  • Florida 2013 – Key Largo

    First post of 2013, it’s been a busy month. The first week of February my mom, dad, and I traveled to Key largo for vacation. We stayed at the Key Lime sailing club, which had a ton of fun stuff for us to do out on the bay, yes, including sailing. We went snorkeling twice which was awesome both times. We also went to the Florida Everglades where we saw tons of neat birds and alligators. It was a really great trip. There are a ton of pictures in my flickr gallery, and here are but a few of them.

    blue heron

    Blue Heron in a tree, Florida Everglades.

    florida alligator

    Alligators? Yeah, we saw those, Florida Everglades.

    great egret

    Great Egret with a catfish.

    green heron

    Green Heron.


    Sunset at Key Largo.


    The pelican dance.

    purple gallinule

    Purple Gallinule

  • Pentagon 9/11 and Air Force Memorials

    So I’ve been trying off and on for a couple years now to make it to the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial and the Air Force Memorial, which dominates the sky line in the same area. Spent an hour circling the Pentagon in my rental car once but never could find the place to park. Turns out, there wasn’t a place to park, and you need to park on the opposite side of 395 at the Crystal City Mall area and walk under the highway to get to the memorial. This past weekend was a beautiful sunny fall day and I managed to make my way over to the 9/11 memorial and the Air Force Memorial. Both were well thought out. Here’s a few photos from my trip.

    pentagon memorial

    Entering Pentagon Memorial

    pentagon memorial

    Looking back to the entrance

    pentagon memorial

    View towards the Pentagon

    The Air Force Memorial is just a short distance away, by car. I showed up just in time to be alone for a bit, before a few cars showed up. The memorial area is surrounded by sycamore trees and the parking area is really nice. The memorial stands over 200 feet tall, too tall to get into one photo so close. It was nicely done. Right when I left 3 tour buses showed up! The memorial is on a hill overlooking all of DC, so its a neat place to see.

    air force memorial

    Air Force Memorial and Washington Monument

    air force memorial

    Right side of the memorial.

    air force memorial

    Monument Left Side

    Air Force Memorial

    Looking Up

    washington monument

    Washington Monument

    For more information about the Air Force Memorial, visit the official site.

  • Tree Time!

    There are 3 cotton wood trees next to our house, one belongs to the neighbor, and one is really large, and the third leans at a weird angle kind of over our house. So this year we decided to get a little work done on the trees. We decided to have the weird leaning tree removed all together. The tree guys came on Thursday November 8th to take down the one tree and trim the other. The did a really good job, and cleaned up nicely. Here’s some photos.

    tree work

    Tree Work 1

    tree work

    Tree Work

    tree work

    Hauling it Down

    tree down

    No More…

    tree work

    Final Cutting

    tree gone

    No More Tree

  • RIT Hockey Opener

    Each year the RIT Tigers have a home “opener” downtown at the Blue Cross Arena. Its not really their home opener, but it is one of the first couple games of the season in Rochester. The game is always pretty good, and lately we’ve been getting some pretty neat teams. This year was Penn State, next year is Michigan. RIT lost this game 3-2, but it was pretty exciting. Here’s a few pictures, there’s more in my flickr gallery.

    rit hockey goalie

    RIT Goalie Josh Watson

    penn state hockey

    Penn State Defensemen Luke Juha

    penn state goalie

    Penn State goalie PJ Musico

    rit penn state hockey


    As always, more photos from this year’s team are in my RIT Hockey flickr gallery.

  • State College Visit

    I went to visit my sister in State College this summer, and as I like to do, we took a trip to the Penn State Arboretum to look at the pumpkins and plants that were blooming. This time the place looked better than ever, with all kinds of flowers still blooming, pumpkins all over, and really nice weather too. had a great time. Didn’t get my photos up on flickr yet, so here’s a few from the trip.

    designer pumpkins

    Fancy Pumpkins

    water lily

    Water Lily

    meredith chair

    Meredith in the big chair


    Gardens ay Penn State

    colorful plants

    Colorful plants


    The succulent pot

  • Washington Nationals Doubleheader

    While on a trip to Washington DC this fall, I was able to take in a Washington nationals game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was supposed to be 1 game, but after the game was cancelled the day before due to rain (that was long gone by game time), I managed to get to see both games the next day. The first game started at 4pm, and the next after the end of the first game. I made it through the whole first game, and 6 innings of the second game. The park is really beautiful, and very large. Since the attendance to the first game was light, I was able to sit in many different areas of the stadium. I wouldn’t mind seeing a game there again some day. There are more photos that I took during the game in my flickr gallery.

    bryce harper

    Bryce Harper

    matt kemp

    Matt Kemp

    mike morse

    Mike Morse

    Ryan Zimmerman

    Ryan Zimmerman

  • Saratoga 2012

    This was a banner year for Saratoga trips, as I made it out for 4 of the 7 racing weekends. I had a great time and was able to stay with my friends Mark and Melody in their camper at a nearby campground. Saved a fortune on hotel rooms. There was a lot of great racing, and although I didn’t win money by the last day of the meet, I did place a lot of bets, and only ended up down $40. Not bad for 8 days racing.

    All of my photos are up in my flickr gallery, but I’ll post one photo from each week to keep you interested. Jim Dandy day started out nice, but then rain moved in, and by the 5th race it was pouring out. Hiked the camera back out to the car only to have it clear up a few races later for some really nice races later that day. We saw a lot of great horses this season, Fort Larned (eventual Breeders Cup Classic Winner), Alpha and Golden Ticket battling to finish in a dead heat in the $1 million dollar Travers Stakes. Mucho Macho Man and To Honor and Serve in the Woodward. A really great season that I will remember fondly for a long time.

    horse racing

    2012 at the Spa

    horse racing dominus

    Bernard baruch winner Dominus

    travers horse race

    Travers Dead Heat


    Mucho macho Man with To Honor and Serve

    All the photos from this years Saratoga meet are on my flickr page.

  • Adirondacks 2012

    Sandwiched between my Saratoga trips was the family vacation to the Adirondacks. I got a few hikes in, one an ill advised 3.5 miler in 85 degree heat with a banana and a beer for lunch, had a great time with my family, and had a relaxing time over all. The weather was just beautiful, and very warm. Swam in the lake every day. Just a great year at the lake. Posted a few photos on flickr, and of course here’s a few on the blog.

    infrared mount arab

    Mount Arab Infrared

    merganser ducks

    Trio of Mergansers

    mountain climbing

    Climb up Haystack.

    volkswagen infrared

    Infrared Vee Dub.

  • Geneseo Air Show 2012

    Mark and I went to Geneseo this summer to see the air show again because we had so much fun 2 years ago. This year, despite almost no chance of rain, we were treated to a full day of overcast and rainy weather. Despite the 2+ hour rain delay, we got a pretty good show and met some of the re-enactors as well. It was a pretty fun time. There are a few more photos in my flickr gallery. This year I made a bigger effort to try and improve my photography by trying to get the propellers in motion, with not so good results. I ended up with most of my attempts over exposed, and blurry. Live to try again I guess. Here’s a few photos from the day.

    air show harvards

    Canadian Harvards

    air show super cub

    Jell bean Team

    Paratroop Drop

    Paratroop Drop

    airshow stearman

    Stearman Training Aircraft

    air show stearman

    The Stearmans circle the field.

    As always, more photos in my flickr gallery.