Hello WordPress?

What’s going on at ScaredyCatFilms? I converted the blog to a WordPress site. For those that don’t know WordPress is a popular blogging software for making websites. When I first created ScaredyCatFilms.com, I wrote most of the web code myself to get things to work and look the way I wanted them to. Well, in the last 8 years things have really come a long way. A lot of the things I needed to do on my own, like styles, galleries, and more are now so common that it didn’t really make sense to keep doing all the work myself. This is why the site has been “down” for so long. I was waiting for a nice snowy winter weekend to start the conversion.

Not all the pages are completely updated, and you may find a broken link, or two, or more. I have left the old site in existence as I transfer content to the new site. Some pages may link to the old site, some to the new. Over all, I think this will make it much easier to modify the content on the site. I will no longer have to go home and write my own HTML, all I need is an internet connection and I can update the site through any web browser. So stay tuned!