Victorinox 24974 Watch Battery Replacement

If you own a Swiss Army Victorinox model 24974, and need to replace the battery, here are easy step by step instructions on how to open it, remove the battery, and insert a new battery.

Swiss Army Victorinox 24974
Swiss Army Victorinox 24974

First I purchased a watch battery replacement tool kit from Amazon. The kit I purchased was the Paxcoo Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit for Watch Back Remover Opener and Watch Repair. It only cost around $12 and had all the tools I needed to do the battery replacement. The primary tool being the blue watch battery cover opener.

Next order a replacement battery. The battery you will need is a 371 Watch Battery. I bought my replacement battery on Amazon.

watch battery
371 replacement battery

To replace the battery I placed the watch face down on a piece of non-skid grip liner that I had. It is soft and won’t scratch the face, and it won’t slip around on the table. Size the battery cover opener to fit into the notches on the back of the watch. Spin the cover to open it. The battery to replace is easy to find. Take not of which way the battery is facing, you will need to place the replacement battery in the same direction.

open watch
watch cover open

Remove the old battery and place the new battery inside. At this point I carefully turned the watch over to make sure it was now ticking. I didn’t want to close it all up if the watch wasn’t working. Now follow the steps in reverse and carefully place the cover back on and spin it closed. All done.

watch back
Watch back

I hope someone found this helpful. I felt the need to replace my own watch batteries because it was easy to do, not very expensive, and I was tired of paying a lot of money to go to a jeweler or a watch / jewelry repair store in the mall, where the employee was not very careful with my watches, and scrapped up the backs and faces of them.