Frozen Frontier 2013

Friday and Saturday we went to Frontier field to watch the outdoor hockey games. This year they set up an outdoor rink at the baseball stadium in downtown Rochester. We bought tickets to the Friday night AHL Amerks game, and the Saturday night RIT Hockey game. With the tickets bought back in October, we had no idea what to expect weather wise in December. We were fortunate to have a cold snow weekend that Tracy and I were both hoping for.

Friday night’s game of the Amerks vs. Lake Erie was great. It was 18 degrees out, and we saw a great game. Lake Erie tied the game up at 4-4 with 0.1 seconds left to go. Then after 5 minutes of overtime it was still tied, so on to a 5 round shootout. Lake Erie took a 2-0 lead after three rounds of the shootout meaning Rochester had to score the next 2 goals without letting any in. They did, and won the game on the 6th round of the shootout, then we even got fireworks! The attendance was 11,000+, and we actually ran into a few friends we knew from playing hockey. It was really cold, and I decided to add more layers for the game Saturday.

Saturday’s game was even more fun. At 16 degrees and in the middle of a snow storm, there was much excitement. Announced attendance was 4,000+, and we were treated to a downright snow bowl. It was snowing so hard the Zamboni could not lay down new ice and was left to try and collect snow off the ice between periods. There were extended commercial timeouts during the game while an army of skaters with shovels tried to keep the ice clear. The game itself was slowed by the snow on the ice. Players were taking shots and sending out poofs of snow. I wore three layers of socks, pants, and fleece, while Tracy went for 8 layers. It was quite cold, and you needed to walk around during the intermissions to keep blood flowing in your toes.

Here are a few photos from Fridays game, and some cell phone shots from Sunday…

outdoor hockey
Frozen Frontier
baseball stadium hockey
Frontier Field
outdoor hockey
Outdoor Hockey
RIT Hockey
RIT Hockey
cold snow
2 cold cats
outdoor hockey
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