Adirondacks 2012

Sandwiched between my Saratoga trips was the family vacation to the Adirondacks. I got a few hikes in, one an ill advised 3.5 miler in 85 degree heat with a banana and a beer for lunch, had a great time with my family, and had a relaxing time over all. The weather was just beautiful, and very warm. Swam in the lake every day. Just a great year at the lake. Posted a few photos on flickr, and of course here’s a few on the blog.

infrared mount arab
Mount Arab Infrared

merganser ducks
Trio of Mergansers

mountain climbing
Climb up Haystack.

volkswagen infrared
Infrared Vee Dub.

Adirondacks Vacation

The last week in July and first week in August, while the stock market was tanking, I spent an enjoyable week in the Adirondack region of New York on vacation. I was able to do a lot of swimming, some hiking, star gazing, sailing, kayaking, trespassing, and pretty much everything you can think of that is fun. I got to spend time with my entire family, which is really special to me. Even my Aunt Paula came out from St. Louis, she took some great loon photos. Here’s a sample of some of my photos, the full gallery is visible on my flickr page.


Tupper Lake
Tupper Lake

Mt. Morris Summit

Arab IR
Mt Arab Infrared

This was a really fun vacation, and all the photos I took can be viewed on my flickr page.

Eagle Crag Lake and Swamp 2010

This year on vacation to Eagle Crag Lake in the Adirondacks I took my mom’s kayak down to the swamp at the end of the lake. I’ve done it several times and this year decided to bring 2 of my cameras with for some photos. Its a pretty neat place to go. There is no path or road around the swamp so you are really alone. There is a lot of neat plants and wildlife to be seen. I saw several Kingfisher’s hunting for fish. No beaver’s to be seen or heard this year, but I assume they are around. Here’s a few photos I took, and a panoramic as well. Enjoy.

swamp photo
Lots of dead trees
swamp photo
Plants and Lilies
swamp kayaking
Kayak in the swamp
infrared swamp photo
Infrared photo of the swamp.
infrared swamp photo
Infrared Beaver Dam

Vacation Mode

Well August is traditionally a vacation month, and so far this month I’ve been to Saratoga twice and spent a week in the Adirondack Mountains near Tupper Lake. Too many photos to handle. For now I will direct those interested in seeing Horse Photos from Saratoga to view them in my Flickr Gallery.

Kensai Saratoga
Kensai Saratoga

I have added a few photos to the Infrared Photo Gallery as well, including this image of a snake sunning itself on a dock in the Adirondacks.

Snake IR
Snake IR