Success! But for How Long?

We have a few squirrels that like to hop from our lilac bush, run across the screen on our window and hop onto our bird feeders near the house. At one point I thought one of the neighborhood cats did us a favor and “took him out” for us, but either others have learned or he got a different squirrel. This morning one particular squirrel was getting on my nerves. The solution? Remove the screen from the window. Hilarity ensues!

Jump Attempt

And Again


The day after our first snowfall here in Rochester, I snapped this photo of what I think is an Eastern Bluebird in the tree near our house. The bluebird is actually the state bird of New York and Missouri. This is the first bluebird that I can remember seeing in New York State. I saw one last summer in Pennsylvania. There were a couple at the house, but I never saw them get any seed from our feeder. I hope they came back and were fed.

Bluebird in Rochester