• State College Visit

    I went to visit my sister in State College this summer, and as I like to do, we took a trip to the Penn State Arboretum to look at the pumpkins and plants that were blooming. This time the place looked better than ever, with all kinds of flowers still blooming, pumpkins all over, and really nice weather too. had a great time. Didn’t get my photos up on flickr yet, so here’s a few from the trip.

    designer pumpkins

    Fancy Pumpkins

    water lily

    Water Lily

    meredith chair

    Meredith in the big chair


    Gardens ay Penn State

    colorful plants

    Colorful plants


    The succulent pot

  • Washington Nationals Doubleheader

    While on a trip to Washington DC this fall, I was able to take in a Washington nationals game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. It was supposed to be 1 game, but after the game was cancelled the day before due to rain (that was long gone by game time), I managed to get to see both games the next day. The first game started at 4pm, and the next after the end of the first game. I made it through the whole first game, and 6 innings of the second game. The park is really beautiful, and very large. Since the attendance to the first game was light, I was able to sit in many different areas of the stadium. I wouldn’t mind seeing a game there again some day. There are more photos that I took during the game in my flickr gallery.

    bryce harper

    Bryce Harper

    matt kemp

    Matt Kemp

    mike morse

    Mike Morse

    Ryan Zimmerman

    Ryan Zimmerman