• Geneseo Air Show 2012

    Mark and I went to Geneseo this summer to see the air show again because we had so much fun 2 years ago. This year, despite almost no chance of rain, we were treated to a full day of overcast and rainy weather. Despite the 2+ hour rain delay, we got a pretty good show and met some of the re-enactors as well. It was a pretty fun time. There are a few more photos in my flickr gallery. This year I made a bigger effort to try and improve my photography by trying to get the propellers in motion, with not so good results. I ended up with most of my attempts over exposed, and blurry. Live to try again I guess. Here’s a few photos from the day.

    air show harvards

    Canadian Harvards

    air show super cub

    Jell bean Team

    Paratroop Drop

    Paratroop Drop

    airshow stearman

    Stearman Training Aircraft

    air show stearman

    The Stearmans circle the field.

    As always, more photos in my flickr gallery.

  • Stuart Horse Trials 2012

    This summer I made the trip across town to Victor, NY to photograph the Stuart Horse Trials on a hot Saturday morning. The event schedule was actually moved up because of the heat expected that day. Despite my camera acting up, I got a lot of neat photos and saw a lot of beautiful horses. As always, here are a few photographs in the blog, and there are more in my flickr gallery.

    horse jumping

    Jumping into the hazard.

    cross country horses

    Spotted horse in the water hazard.

    horse water hazard

    Into the water hazard.

    horse water

    Across the water hazard.

    horse racing

    Coming Right At You

    splash zone

    The splash zone!

    There are, of course, additional photos of many of the competitors in my flickr gallery of the 2012 Stuart Horse Trials.

  • Washington DC, July Trip

    On one of my business trips to Washington, I took the time to visit The Mall and view the monuments and museums in the Capital. I hadn’t been there since I was young. The mall was really long, but I walked up and down it. Saw the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol Building, White House and more. It was hot, but I had a good time walking around and taking photos. Unfortunately, The Mall was all torn up as they were doing drainage work this year (thanks to Federal Stimulus money). On a later trip I would visit the air and space museum as well. As always there are additional photos in my flickr gallery, and a few here as well.

    US Capitol Building

    US Capitol Building

    capitol infrared

    US Capitol Building in Infrared

    mall in washington

    Construction on the Mall in DC

    three servicemen infrared

    Three Servicemen, in Infrared.

    Washington Monument Infrared

    Washington Monument Infrared

    And because everything looks better in Infrared, you will be sure to find plenty of IR photos in my Washington DC gallery on flickr.

  • Sahlen at the Glen 2012

    This summer dad and I made our semiannual trip to the races. This year it was to Watkins Glen for the Sahlen 6 Hour race on a sweltering hot July weekend. We had a great time, 3 days of racing and camping. Thanks go to Cal and Bonnie for letting us use their camper. It was much more fun than tent camping. There are loads of photos in my flickr gallery, but here are a few here to capture your interest.

    suntrust sahlen 6 hours

    Angelleli / Taylor SunTrust Car

    porsche accident

    Porsche Accident

    Turner Motorsports BMW

    Turner Motorsports BMW

    Mazda Racing backfire

    Mazda Racing backfire

    As with most photos, you can view more for the racing weekend in my flickr gallery.