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    When my parent’s invited us over for dinner on Memorial Day, I knew it was time to bring the camera for some bird shots. I got a funny one of a male cardinal all kinda puffed up, and we were treated to some baby bunnies that were’nt that shy at all. My outdoor bird and wildlife photography can be seen in my outdoor gallery on flickr. Here’s a few shots from Memorial Day here.

    male cardinal

    Male Cardinal

    female cardinal

    Female Cardinal


    Baby Bunny Chowdown Party!

  • Summertime Fun

    Finally getting back to posting a few picks on the ScaredyCat site. Its been a busy summer, with most of my photos going directly to flickr. But with a little time on my hands, I’ll try and post a few here. So to start, I have a few photos I took around the yard this spring/summer. These were taken at the end of May. The cottonwoods were in full effect.

    blueberry bushes

    Blueberry Bushes

    lupine plant

    Lupine Plant

    patio picture

    Patio Picture

    A viola plant

    A viola plant





  • Penn State Arboretum

    After our visit to the air show we had some time to visit the Penn State Arboretum. Although only a small part of the massive grounds have been completed it was still fun to go see. If I know one thing about arboretum’s its that they are great for Infrared Photography. Here’s some photos from my visit there. There are more photos in my Infrared Image Gallery on Flickr.

    penn state arboretum

    Penn State Arboretum

    infrared sculpture

    Sculptures in Infrared

    water plants infrared

    Infrared Water Plants

  • Air Show in Washington

    This summer my brother in law decided it was time to take my nephew Jeffrey to his first air show. The event he chose was the Joint Services Open House (JSOH 2012) at Andrews Air Force Base outside Washington DC. The lineup was spectacular and the show was really great. The flight line was huuuge! Too much to see in one day really. I was impressed by the B-52 at the end of the runway. Even had a “Modernization Effort” display projecting usage through 2025. There were lots of neat aircraft on display and performing tricks. As always, the majority of my photos are available on my JSOH 2012 flickr page. Here’s a few on scaredycat too!

    osprey and raptors

    Osprey and Raptors

    golden knights

    Golden Knights

    The F22 Raptor

    The F22 Raptor

    F22 Raptor high speed pass

    F22 Raptor high speed pass

    The heritage flight

    The heritage flight

    MV-22 Osprey

    MV-22 Osprey

  • Lilacs Peak Early in 2012

    Because of the freakishly warm spring this year (in Rochester, March was our warmest on record, and the average temperature was higher than the April average), this year the lilac festival peaked a whole week earlier than the festival (May 10-19). On a beautiful sunny Sunday I went to Highland Park to view the lilacs early, and then home for the Kentucky Derby.

    The lilacs were pretty much in peak bloom. Even the lilacs in our yard were blooming. This year the Rochester area also saw a massive influx of Red Admiral butterflies. There were tons of them. I’ve never seen anything like it, they were flying everywhere like flies. Anyway, took lots of photos of the lilacs, and butterflies on lilacs. The majority of the lilac photos are in my lilac flickr gallery.

    beauty of moscow

    Beauty of Moscow

    pink lilacs

    Pink lilacs at Highland Park.

    lilac bush

    Lilac bush at Highland Park.

    butterfly lilacs

    Butterfly Lilacs

    Red Admiral Butterfly

    Red Admiral Butterfly

    lilac butterfly

    Red Admiral on a white General Sheridan lilac.

    After my walk through Highland Park, I went downtown to High Falls, and walked across the Pont de Rennes bridge to the baseball stadium and back. Here’s a few photos from that walk. I have a lot more photos of the falls in infrared on my infrared flickr page.

    downtown rochester

    Downtown Rochester

    infrared high falls

    Infrared High Falls